13254528_1086687871369486_2063652427702378786_n.jpgAshish is currently a Research Fellow at the Deakin University, he has previously held the position of Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. He has completed his PhD (Computer Science) from University of Technology Sydney in 2018 and Bachelors of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering) from Amity University in 2014. After graduating from Amity University, he was involved in various start-ups/projects and Co-Founded Adroit Explorer Innovation Chambers (A Non for Profit Organization).

Ashish developed a great interest in computers since childhood. He learnt to use Linux through a Terminal at the age 10, built his first website at 13 and developed his first GUI based mathematical logic computer game at the age of 15. He is fascinated by technology and has a gift of thinking out of the box.